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He's a slob. The doctor wants you to stay one week more in bed. I was born and raised in the Boston area. Are you sure this is the place we're supposed to be? Page filled the bucket with cold water. I recommend it strongly. I think you should apply for a job at the Australian embassy. Is he the man painted by the newspapers as an up-and-coming scholar?

Are you still in the office? The earthquake caused widespread damage. Vijay poured himself a tall glass of milk. Oliver spilled ink on the desk. Everett could swim when he was three years old. What's Kevin up to nowadays? I have a red car. He is indifferent to worldly success.

Do not say anything, please, about your consul. That blonde girl with curly hair is from Sweden. I've got no more than five hundred yen.

Don't let envy control your behaviour! I hate to fight. The Indians gave the settlers food. I can take him to the park. I cannot water the backyard. There is no water. Don't expect everyone to agree with you. Is it difficult to act according to Buddhist principles? Where did you get this stuff? Do you really want me to tell him?

Can Henry join you? She is very wise. Please read it again. We're going this way. That's entirely up to her. He still thinks we're friends. Let's hope times change. She is skipping school. Afghanistan and Iran both changed their national anthems several times in the course of the 20th century.

The life of a person is a transient thing. I tried to stop their quarrel eagerly. Do you have what it takes? I can't see. Francisco hoped to succeed. She likes it when I do that. Education should be carried further than it is now. It's everybody's dream to win the lottery. A guy named Clifford came to see you yesterday. Jane should know this already.

The situation is very complicated. He betrayed his friends for money. Has your father come yet? Her hobby was to collect ancient coins. This fantasy of wanting to live in poverty is a silly woman's dream. I held onto the rope for as long as I could, but I finally had to let go. We have to figure out how to do this. Red Mulligan has announced that he'll fight Rocky Luciano next month. I'll take the bus. I always thought Bryan would outlive me.

This is a recipe for disaster. When are you all going to start with your work? This is why we can't have nice things. They stayed like that for a while. What did you say to the boys? We all deserve a chance. I'd like to visit Angkor Wat before I die. None of those involved had any visible injury. Get everybody downstairs. The swimming pool is open to the public.

The child's good health says a great deal for maternal care. I can't understand the problem. This committee includes scientists and engineers. Choice is a matter of taste.

You're the master. On a bad road like this, I can't do more than thirty kilometers an hour. The question is how do we convince Kevan. Dannie's gone down two pant sizes since he's been working out.

A lot of snow had just fallen. Jiro, who had never cried in front of anyone before, started bawling. Clearly, Hy isn't buying it. Lightbulbs emit heat. Where did you plant them? Let's hope you haven't made a mistake. Make yourself cozy! Titing sells vegetables at the market.